Creative Briefs. Are you doing it right?


Presented by Wendy Millard RGD
Part of a 3-part webinar series co-presented with IABC/Toronto, Wendy shares insights into what makes a great creative brief, shows ways to speed up the process, defines who's responsible and ultimately how to work with a designer to get the best possible results.

The power of an effective creative brief is often overlooked in setting a creative team on the right course to success. It can literally be the make or break of a campaign or project. So why do some marketing and communication professionals feel that they can gloss over, or worse not do this step of the process? We understand... There's  demand from sales and your VP to get the campaign out yesterday but collaborating on and defining the right information in the brief can net you a golden globe of a campaign if you take the time. 


About Wendy Millard RGD

Wendy has over 20 years experience in the design industry, leading and managing in-house teams on both a local and global scale. She focuses on building up the individual designer's ability to grow their unique skill set as well as promoting and advocating for the whole design team. She defines process to allow her team to do their best work in the overly complex workflow of marketing, design, legal, compliance and translations.












Co-presented by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers and IABC/TorontoThis webinar is part 1 of a 3-part series that includes webinars on Brand Stewardship and The Success of Brand Communications.


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