RGD modifies Certification eligibility related to education

The Board that oversees RGD’s Certification Process has voted to modify the eligibility requirements for RGD candidates as it relates to their education.


Candidates with a 3- or 4-year graphic design degree or diploma and 3 or 4 years of relevant professional practice (adding up to 7 years) are eligible to apply for their RGD Certification. The new requirements open eligibility to graduate of a design-related diploma or degree of 2 to 4 years with relevant professional experience adding up to 7 years. (Applicants who do not have design-related degrees/diplomas, can have 10 years of any combination of relevant professional work experience and/or education.)


"High quality design education is critical to raising the standard of professional design. As post-secondary design education continues to adapt to become more accessible by offering a wider range of program options, we too need to adapt. Our standards must reflect the diverse needs and subsequent education paths of the next generation of professional graphic designers,” says Adam Rallo, President of RGD’s Examination Board.


Applicants are required to complete an online form outlining their experience and education. If education is an element of their eligibility, they must arrange for official transcripts to be sent from their school(s). They must also submit visuals and written rationales for the 6 projects that they will present in their portfolio presentation. RGD’s Eligibility Committee determines based on all of these elements if the applicant is eligible to move to the next stages of RGD Certification - scheduling of their online test and portfolio presentation.


One recent participant in the process had this to say, "The test was a great way to go back to design foundations and shake off some rust and learn a few new tricks. I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I would absolutely recommend RGD certification.”


Learn more at http://www.rgd.ca/rgd-certification.php. Or attend an upcoming virtual Information Session on the process.