Sudbury Design Society 3PP Conference

The Sudbury Design Society’s 3-Point Perspectives biennial conference, which took place March 10 in Sudbury, centred on design, architecture and the theme of development from three perspectives. 


The goal of the event was to foster innovative thinking within the design community as Greater Sudbury develops and expands its reach. This year’s speakers attracted almost 70 professionals, students and designers, nearly doubling the previous conference’s attendance record.


"It's great that modern technology gives us the ability to connect and influence design communities around the world, even more cool when it's your hometown.” Said Scott Savarie, one of the conference’s speakers. “I was really happy that 3PP leveraged this which allowed me to speak to old colleagues, mentors and peers even though I am on the other side of the globe.


Dani Taillefer, designer and artist, gave a great presentation on development that inspired everyone to examine the fundamentals of their field. Product designer Scott Savarie spoke about his experiences working for Facebook, Edenspiekermann and InVision in terms of personal career development. And architect Tim James offered insights about the development of businesses and schools through architecture and the creation of spaces that meet the various needs of different organizations.


It was an opportunity to get inspired by professionals who know about working in Northern Ontario and the challenges that are faced.


3PP is a very interesting concept. The event surpassed all my expectations. It was more educational, more entertaining and more creative than I could have ever imagined.” Offered Dan Suciu, a conference attender. “SDS organizes amazing events and they are only getting better every time. Original! Creative! Fun!"


RGD was a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 3PP Conference.


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