New Projects by RGD Members: Arcane, Blok, Forge & Projektor
Check out work by Arcane, Blok Design, Forge Media + Design and Projektor.


Vanessa Eckstein RGD and the team at Blok designed a new brand identity for renowned sonic branding specialists The Playlist Company.

The Playlist Company creates immersive sonic experiences for some of Canada’s top hospitality brands. The identity needed to be both iconic and contemporary while also conveying the poetic qualities of music. Shapes and colours inspired by jazz albums of the 40s and 50s are applied with a deliberate melodic movement that mirrors the founders’ ability to transform space, mood, and atmosphere through their highly curated, unexpected playlists. 


John Furneaux RGD and the team at Projektor Brand Image designed a new visual identity and collateral materials for West Park Healthcare Centre.

Long considered a “hidden gem,” West Park wanted to raise its profile and tell a strong and resonant story. Projektor updated their identity to align with the hospital’s new brand strategy of “Nurturing Care”.

Challenge: As with any health care organization, limited budgets and using funds responsibly were major considerations for this project. Projektor worked closely with West Park teams to determine a process and visual approach that could be easily adapted to existing material and practices. Through this process, we ensured West Park got the greatest value.


Robin Honey RGD and the team at Arcane created the brand, packaging, website and a social media campaign for Cowbell Brewing Co.

Cowbell Brewing Co. in Blyth, Ontario is the latest brewery to enter the competitive, ever-growing craft beer market. In addition to producing exceptional craft beer, Cowbell includes a restaurant and outdoor venue for the performing arts.

Challenge: One major challenge was developing a company and product name that would stand out in the highly competitive craft brewery industry. Because of the proliferation of breweries, finding a name that could be trademarked and then serve as a basis for distinctive packaging and materials was difficult. Cowbell proved a great brand platform (including, or in spite of, the famous SNL skit) with an authentic connection to what is a rural, small town location. The tag line "Craft Beer That Rings True" perfectly expresses the brand position.


Greg Neely RGD and the team at Forge Media + Design designed a new entry experience for 2 Queen Street East, a commercial tower in downtown Toronto. 

The property's unique design integrates a historic 1910 bank façade with the modern conveniences of a premier office property. Forge designed a new entry experience that subtly reflects the building’s architecture. The centrepiece is a large-scale digital installation that combines constantly-shifting generative art, tenant branding and event information on two modular digital walls. A new pylon sign on the street features a dynamic illuminated band that echoes the generative art in the lobby. A new logo by Forge was also applied throughout the space. The result is a modernized face for a familiar landmark that re-establishes 2 Queen Street East as a preeminent destination for top corporate tenants in Canada’s largest city.


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