The Success of Brand Communications

Leveraging a well-crafted creative brief (Webinar series Part 1) and a sound understanding of your organization’s brand (Webinar series Part 2), you will learn how to take these key ingredients and finalize the process to ensure positive returns on your organization's marketing spend.


What are the steps you need to take to ensure you reach your audience (both internal and external) and meet the goals of your project? It begins with understanding who interacts with your brand, defining key objectives, keeping the project on track, and continually communicating and validating with the team. Learn how collaboration can educate, enlighten and ultimately drive the success of your communication initiative.



About Glenda Rissman RGD & Peter Scott RGD

Glenda and Peter started q30 design inc. in 1991. q30 specializes in smart design for interactive experiences, brands, corporate communications and environments. Their clients include some of the largest organizations in Canada – in finance, healthcare, energy, legal, insurance and non-profit. They have had many clients for well over 10 years because they invest in understanding what their clients do and how they are unique in their sector.


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