New Projects by RGD Members at Jacknife, Ledden Design, Philip Sung Design Associates, Riordon Design
Check out work by Jacknife, Ledden Design iT, Philip Sung Design Associates, Riordon Design 


Mary-Anne Bédard RGD and the team at Philip Sung Design Associates believe in the important work that The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) does and are proud to get their message across by donating creative services.

NEDIC is a Canadian non-profit providing resources, information, referrals and support on eating disorders and weight preoccupation. Eating Disorders do NOT discriminate; everyone and anyone can be affected. The campaign goal was to reflect this message and resonate with those who are suffering and individuals who know/may know someone with an eating disorder. 


Mike Kelar RGD and the team at Jacknife created a visual identity for Canadian snowboarder and olympic medalist, Mark McMorris.

Jacknife was asked to help create Mark's brand identity that would showcase him as a world class athlete, celebrity, hard worker and role model that has stayed humble to his Saskatchewan roots. The simple yet confident identity system would allow him to pay homage to his home province every time he ran. The ID system was also carefully designed to easily be used across all sponsorship applications like hard goods, web, printed media, and lifestyle accessories. The resulting identity system steered clear of any action sports clichés and focused on a clean finish, just like one of Mark’s runs.


Cathy Ledden RGD, Susan Mosdell RGD and the team at Ledden Design iT created an interactive infographic for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO).

HEQCO, prepared a research report on the value of a PhD. They approached Ledden Design to create a digital infographic showing the key findings. A colourful path with icons and animated pie charts invites readers to scroll along the pathway that links to the full report.


Ric Riordon RGD, Shirley Riordon RGD and the team at Riordon Design created a book of photography about a remarkable man named 'Mo'. 

Riordon designed this book about a remarkable man named Mo. Like many unsung heroes, his name will be unfamiliar. Those who know this quiet man of purpose and of his dauntless mission to serve the people of Bangula, Malawi, will appreciate the inspiration behind this visual narrative. Together, Mo and his wife, Joanna, and their three children, live and work side-by-side the poorest of the poor. Mo’s stunning photography is an opened aperture through which we see what he sees—a land of extremes, incredible deprivation, and a people who rise above the hardships with a capacity for joy.


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