Rod McDonald RGD launches Classic Grotesque typeface
Canadian type designer, Rod McDonald RGD, recently launched the new Classic Grotesque typeface – a modernized version of an old typeface. The premiere of this typeface took place at a launch party at New York’s Type Director’s Club in Manhattan. 


The launch also received media attention in the form of an Insight article in the Toronto Star. The article featured an interview with Rod himself and included some input from Patrick Griffin, Canada Type type designer, who emphasized the significance of Rod's achievement, “It’s the biggest thing to ever come out of Canada in terms of type design.”


The article also featured various photos of Rod's work with Classic Grotesque, including the RGD logo: “When the Association of Registered Graphic Designers refreshed their logo a few years ago, they used the 2012 release of Classic Grotesque, making slight modifications. It was a sans serif that tipped its hat to the previous typeface used, Frutiger, and had a “friendly feel overall,” said Bob Hambly, a board member with RGD. “Rod’s design just has such consistency in those curves,” he said, noting the “beautiful straight line” in the negative space between the G and the D. “It just sits so nicely… It is so subtle.