RGD welcomes new Members including 7 Corporate Members

Welcome to those who have joined the Association of Registered Graphic Designers over the past two months.


The following senior designers have been accepted as Certified RGDs:

Congratulations to our new Certified RGDs. Find out about becoming an RGD.

The following new Provisional RGDs:

Find out about becoming a Provisional RGD (for designers with less than 8 years of education and experience combined).


RGD also welcomes 7 new Corporate Members:

Context Creative

Forge Media + Design

Libera Graphics

Ove Brand | Design

q30 design

Philip Sung Design Associates

Riordon Design

Corporate Members have the opportunity to align themselves with RGD, support our efforts to raise design standards across Canada and receive a variety of member benefits for the organization and its staff.

RGD also welcomes new and returning Sponsors:

Find out about becoming an RGD Sponsor.

RGD also welcomes new Affiliate Members from:

Find out about becoming an Affiliate Member.


RGD also welcomes new Student Members from:

NSCAD, Halifax

Toronto Film School

University of Toronto