Why is Josh McInerney an RGD?
Manager of Design and Creative at Ryerson University, Josh McInerney RGD highlights the value of collaborative opportunities and supported group efforts provided by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers. 


No man (or woman) is an island as the saying goes. The same goes for designers. I joined RGD in 2014 for just that reason: to be part of a larger community, to be part of an organization of creative professionals who believe that design and creativity is essential to business and the economy and also to society.


Since becoming a Registered Graphic Designer, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at the DesignThinkers Conference, hosting a Future by Design event and sitting on the PR Committee. As with any organization, you get out what you put in, and in a few short years of my involvement I’ve benefited greatly from RGD.


The vast wealth of programs, workshops and conferences that the RGD organizes each year is staggering, feeding my creative curiosity and providing opportunities to sharpen my skills in the field of design. You must attend the DesignThinkers Conference if you haven’t already, trust me.


The most important component of all is the people. Amazingly brilliant and talented people from some of the top design shops around share their stories, advice and knowledge on both the craft and business of design. Where else can you get that?


Communicating about the impact and importance of good design is not a solo act. It can’t be, if we want to move the conversation forward. It takes a strong, collective voice. It’s a team effort and that’s why I’m involved with RGD: to lend my voice and contribute to the team. 


To find out more about becoming a Registered Graphic Designer, click here.