Instagram Accounts to follow for Creative Inspiration

Fill your newsfeed with inspiring, insightful and informative posts by following these accounts recommended by the RGD community. 


Bora Mihalyi RGD recommends:

@ColorConsumption (from past DesignThinkers speakers @DESIGNARMY)

This side project from Design Army consists of one mini inspirational colour pallet per day. Made by designers for designers, the blocks of colour are letters, one per day, continuously spelling out 'color' (they are in America after all). And of course, each shape includes an RGB breakdown right under the cheeky title of the pairing. 


Megan Oldfield RGD recommends:

@StefanSagmeister and @JessicaWalsh (past DesignThinkers speakers!)

Stefan posts an amazing curated collection of CD covers, and Jessica you should follow for your daily dose of happy, and a colour fix. 

Cai Sepulis RGD recommends: 


Definitely more on the artistic side but oh the dreamy, modern, playful things we wish most clients would go for in typography!

@grizzlywheeler & @beeteeth

Being a designer and illustrator, I always like to see what other folks are doing and with Grizzly Wheeler being a silkscreen shop, you get to see all the cool hip designs that are coming in. And Bee Teeth is just wow – such simple but complex illustrations and logos that make you stop and take notice!


Tatjana Taylor RGD recommends: 


As social media creeps into my role more and more, I've become selective about who I follow. I think The New Yorker has their Instagram strategy nailed - just the right mix of clever cartoons, amazing illustration and promotion for relevant feature articles. All of it visually stunning.


They seem to post more than most other agencies, but it's justified as it's engaging content. Their visuals are well-executed, often fun (we all like fun!) and the great work they feature is inspirational. 


RGD recommends: 


Led by Vanessa Eckstein RGD, Blok collaborates with thinkers, creators, companies and brands from all over the world on projects that blend cultural awareness, art, and a desire to advance society and business through their work. Follow for beautiful photos that convey the studio's unique style.

Founded by Paddy Harrington RGD, Frontier is a Toronto-based magazine, design studio and ventures group focused on design driven ideas and idea driven design. Their instagram is filled with previews of upcoming projects, behind the scenes moments at the studio and photos of ongoing design work. 


@MoragMyerscough (DesignThinkers Speaker, 2013)

Morag produces an eclectic – and sometimes eccentric – body of work that is frequently unclassifiable but which always offers a high level of communication and engagement, combining formal graphic design methodologies (typography, image making) with highly individualistic craft skills. Her posts are quirky, beautiful and full of colour. 


@Trochut (DesignThinkers Speaker, 2013) 

Alex Trochut works across disciplines to bring to life design solutions for a range of clients traversing music, fashion, editorial and beyond: from developing a visual language for bands like The Rolling Stones, Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend to expressively communicating a new product or direction for companies like Coca-Cola, Nike and British Airways to developing engaging editorial for publications like The New York Times, The Guardian and Esquire UK. 


@ValleeDuhamel (DesignThinkers Speakers, 2016)

Founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel, this Montreal-based studio specializes in high quality, lo-fi, handmade visuals for events, commercials, music, fashion, posters, magazines, objects and more, favoring a playful and experimental approach to work. There is never a dull moment in their instagram feed. 


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