Twitter Accounts to Follow for Creative Inspiration
Check out these recommendations from the RGD community to fill your twitter newsfeed with insight, information and inspiration from the world of graphic design. 


Neli Nenkova Prov RGD recommends:


One of the most innovative graphic designers that I follow with unquenchable interest is Noma Bar. His clean and effective approach to design and qualities are aspire to replicate in my work. 


Cai Sepulis RGD recommends: 


All the pretty things – great inspiration feed of packaging.



Not overly polished or focused, but I like that they cover a wide variety of design from architecture to film to graphics – great for brainstorming. 


RGD recommends:


Led by Jesse Gibb RGD and Jason Recker RGD, Carve is a boutique design studio based in London, Ontario. Their Twitter posts cover the studio's latest projects, articles on industry tools and practices, and insights from the team on working as a professional graphic designer.  



Partners Marawan El-Asfahani RGD, Michael Kelar RGD and Michael Richardson RGD share articles and interviews on innovative brands, products and experiences, updates on current client projects and learnings on the latest trends in the world of design. 



Designer and illustrator and upcoming DesignThinkers speaker Lotta Nieminen tweets about her latest projects and collaborations, highlighting an impressive client list that includes companies such as Google, the New York Times, Volkswagen, IBM and Vanity Fair among others. She also shares updates on her upcoming speaking engagements around the world.


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