RGD advocacy against Town of Orangeville Logo Contest
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When the Town of Orangeville launched a contest to design a logo for its Transit System, RGD's Ethics Committee took immediate action, sending a letter to the Town's Mayor.


RGD's letter to the Mayor explains that RGD and other design organizations around the world condemn design contests as unethical business practices that are ineffective in meeting the Transit System's goals. Read the full letter here.


Scott Knox, President & CEO of the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA), the body for advertising, marketing, media & PR agencies in Canada, has taken an active role in speaking out about the contest. Knox reached out to the Mayor to explain that running a competition to source a new logo not only goes against best practice standards but it undermines the advertising sector, which is an important part of our national and local economy.


Further initiated by the ICA, the local Orangeville paper published an opinion piece highlighting that the "contest sends an unintended, but unfortunate message to outsiders at a time when attracting new industry is paramount." Based on RGD's letter to the Mayor, Hilary Ashworth, Executive Director at RGD, was quoted: “It is unlikely that this sort of contest will result in a logo that effectively meets your marketing and communication objectives. Worse, a poor logo will hamper your efforts to move forward, and a plagiarized logo could easily cause legal troubles and terrible publicity.”


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The Mayor has not responded and the contest has closed.


If you have any thoughts or questions on this, please email RGD's Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, at .


For details on on-going advocacy efforts by the Association, go to www.rgd.ca/about/advocacy.php