RGD launches Design At Work Poster Initiative in London, Ontario

This London poster features designs by Robin Honey RGD of Arcane, Richard Plantt RGD of Concept Interactive Inc, Rob Carter RGD of Drive Creative Group and Breck Campbell RGD.


The goal of the Design At Work posters is to raise awareness about graphic design's value to business by presenting examples of how design impacts a company’s visibility and recognition.


The London Design At Work poster is one of a series that will be distributed to local businesses and posted in local public spaces in communities throughout Ontario. It includes posters for Guelph, Kingston, Kitchener, Markham, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury. Each poster features local designers and their work.  

“It’s easy for us to forget that everything we touch, see or interact with throughout our hectic days has been designed by someone.” says Jesse Gibb RGD, Art Director at Carve Design and a Director on RGD's Board. “The Design At Work poster series is our small way of drawing attention to that fact and to the talented designers behind the work - to give them a shout-out.”


Robin Honey RGD designed packaging for Blyth Cowbell Brewing Co., while Richard Plantt RGD designed the website for the Louis Riel School Division in Manitoba. Rob Carter RGD created a video for Angie’s List, a US-based website containing crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses, and Breck Campbell RGD designed a poster for Thames Talbot Land Trust, a community-based charitable organization that actively works to conserve land with natural, recreational, scenic, historical or agricultural value.


“The brand for Cowbell has been instrumental in our incredible startup success. The name and the logo connect with people and elicit ‘more Cowbell!’ comments wherever we go with our beer,” says Steven Sparling, President and CEO of Cowbell Brewery. “The brand enjoyed early acceptance at LCBO, significantly bolstered by the strength of the packaging and our story. Our first beer, Absent Landlord, sold out several times this summer due to demand that exceeded our forecast. We couldn’t have done this without a solid, authentic brand and the creative work by Arcane, led by Robin Honey.”


The poster also features a link - rgd.ca/London - to the RGD Designer Directory where anyone looking for a design professional can find out more about about the RGD Members working in the community.


The London Poster was printed with the support of Astley Gilbert.


If you have any questions or would like more information about this initiative, email .