Design Thinking + Design Doing - Calgary


This study focuses on what design looks like today, how our creative work is changing, and what design can to contribute to Canada’s innovation future. As a fellow designer and design researcher, I’m interested in understanding the ways in which experience, service, branding and graphic designers work, and how new ways of working are being integrated into the creative process, with a specific focus on the nature and form of “design thinking” in the everyday practice of designers.


This national research study will examine concepts of creativity, design thinking and design research to understand what designers can tell us about how design work, research and problem solving impacts and influences our every-day lives.


To achieve the above research objectives, it is essential to interview designers like you!

As a participant in this study, you would be asked to spend approximately one hour in person or over the phone discussing your design practice with a fellow member of the RGD. To find out more about participating in this research project, and the informed consent process, please visit


The interview procedures and observations are in accordance with the University of Calgary’s ethical research codes, and details regarding your ability to withdraw your consent to participate are available at the website listed above. The confidentiality of interview contents will be ensured, and you may select the use of a pseudonym for use in the encoding, transcription and publication of findings.


For more information about this study, or to participate in this study, please contact:


AnneMarie Dorland, BDes, MA, Ph.D. (ABD)
Department of Communication, Media, and Film

Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary