Why is Erik McManus a Provisional RGD?
Web Developer at Sofa Communications, Erik McManus Provisional RGD reflects on the RGD programs, events and resources that have helped him launch his career in the design industry.


As a Provisional RGD Member, I have access to so many opportunities and experiences that have opened doors to my developing career in the design industry.


One of the biggest benefits of my RGD Membership is the annual DesignThinkers Conference. I was able to attend DesignThinkers 2016, where I was inspired by so many different presentations and speakers, namely Erik Kessels and David Carson. Design icon David Carson spoke about his life’s work in an insightful presentation. One takeaway that really stuck with me from that presentation is you don’t always have to take every job that is presented to you; pick and choose which ones you think are good for your career development and give it your all. As an evolving design professional, I often reflect on this advice when looking for career direction.


RGD’s Future By Design events are also something that I try to attend whenever I can. It’s nice to meet up with other designers in my community and learn/connect with them. These events are especially great because they offer virtual participation for when local screenings are not available. We have seen talks from so many industry professionals – from designers at Adobe to information graphics firms in Montreal. There is always a broad spectrum of speakers and it gives you a little peek into the many worlds of design beyond your own.


Aside from the inspirational speakers at DesignThinkers and Future By Design, the amount of resources that are available to RGD Members is astounding. From professional development webinars to the mentorship program to discounts on industry-related products, having access to these resources makes me proud to be a Graphic Designer because our industry is well supported and abides by professional standards.


Being an RGD Member helped me to have a professional standing in the industry. I now work at a Web Design and Marketing firm called Sofa Communications as a Web Developer and I believe that RGD helped me get to this point.