RGD Members create .design domains

RGD has partnered with .design to give its members unique access to a new domain option for professional designers.


Take a look at some examples of finished websites and works-in-progress.



Bora Mihalyi RGD - thisisbora.design:

“We have progressed far enough digitally that people recognize a URL without a .com at the tail-end. With the .design, it allowed me to shorten my domain name while still making the purpose of the website obvious. From a self-branding perspective, it sets up an expectation that you, as a designer, can subtly push the boundaries in a way that works - and the viewer gets this message right from the beginning of their digital experience of you. It's a small detail, but isn't that the essence of design?" - Bora Mihalyi RGD



Breck Campbell RGD - breckcampbell.design:

“I feel that having a .design domain extension adds a level of clarity to what I practise, legitimacy to my profession in general, and some distinction on the web as a whole. This is clearly the way naming on the web is heading, and as a designer it also feels good to be an early adopter to something this obvious, practical and forward thinking. And admittedly, with that comes a bit of a sense of pride.” - Breck Campbell RGD



Jon Allison RGD - jonallison.design:

"For me the .design domain just made sense. Even though I own and continue to use jonallison.com, jonallison.design is the perfect tool for promoting myself as a designer. The .design domain allows me to keep my domain name simple and implies what I do, design. It also provides credibility to my website. However, at the end of the day, it comes down to one very simple question, could I live with someone else owning it? Of course not!" - Jon Allison RGD



Kendra Boyles - kendra.design:

"Having a .design domain gave me a more unique web address and email. It was easy to set up my domain with Squarespace, and now I have a short, sweet, and memorable site address where I can feature my portfolio work." - Kendra Boyles Prov. RGD



Every RGD member can register and secure any .design name they want. The domain is free for the first year as is an email address of your choosing. You can also find the offer details here. You can point your existing site to your new domain name or quickly build a portfolio via .design’s connection to the website builder Weebly. 


For more information, visit http://www.rgd.ca/2016/02/01/top-level-design-llc.php