RGD Members discuss the value of the .design domain Member benefit

RGD has partnered with .design to give its members unique access to a new domain option for professional designers.


We asked a few RGD and Provisional RGD Members how they feel about their .design domains and how having the domain has helped them professionally, in the design industry. Take a look at what they said, and at some examples of finished websites and works-in-progress.


David Lucas Rodriguez Provisional RGD - davidlucas.design

"Having a common name, it was very difficult to find just a simple domain to go by. The .design was a perfect solution to be able to keep my domain simple while still being able to stand out from the rest. It's been much easier to share my website with everybody without confusion. 


Additionally, I think it makes my site feel unique and professional, it's not a forced url like those who use .it outside of Italy, but its not also as common as a .com."



Nicole Fox - nicolefox.design

"Having a .design domain name as a graphic designer has been a wonderful experience so far. It makes my website stand out just by hearing or reading it. I've had multiple people express their delight over how easy it is to remember over the common .com and .ca domain names. Having a domain name that is unique and memorable is crucial to young designers like myself."


Carlos Salguero Provisional RGD - carlossalguero.design

"What intrigued me about the .design domain was the ability to quickly and effectively relate my name to my chosen area of expertise—design.


As soon as I mention my website to people, they automatically recognize me as a designer. Contractors, angel investors, existing clients, and new business contacts always notice the .design domain when I show them my business cards."


Mike Scott RGD - mikescott.design

"I’ve always used a personalized .ca domain for my portfolio website but when additional domains like .design were introduced I immediately started looking into them. While .ca is great and clearly Canadian, having a domain more closely linked to the design industry felt natural.

I feel having short and simple domain is important for designers. Its a inexpensive marketing tool linked to your email and web presence that adds professionalism and legitimacy which doesn’t go unnoticed."



Amanda Chan Provisional RGD - amandachan.design

"Having a .design domain not only made my website address shorter, but created a quick way to address my profession. For me, it was hard finding a domain name because of my common name, so .design gave me the opportunity to create my own unique web address. It was something fresh, simple and unique compare to the typical domain names."


Breck Campbell RGD - breckcampbell.design:

"I've been watching friends and clients for the last few years struggle with being forced to come up with creative alternates to what their ideal .com domain should be. As far as I was concerned, this was much needed in our profession and very welcome. With an added discount (a benefit offered to new RGDs), I couldn't pass it up. 


I love my website name and I'm actually starting a new design business and will definitely use .design again."


Kendra Boyles Provisional RGD - kendra.design:

"I realized that .design is such a new domain that I could seize the shortest and most memorable address for my portfolio site. A website url with only two words to remember is unheard of these days unless owned by large corporations or government bodies.


I use my domain with my email address, and it feels really great to have such a professional looking email. Short and sweet, it simply says my name and what I do. What could be better than that?"



Every RGD member can register and secure any .design name they want. The domain is free for the first year as is an email address of your choosing. You can also find the offer details here. You can point your existing site to your new domain name or quickly build a portfolio via .design’s connection to the website builder Weebly. 


For more information, visit https://porkbun.com/partner/rgd