RGD Member launches the Second Edition of 'How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer' book
The Revised Second Edition of How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer is a major source of information for emerging graphic designers, and it can be found exclusively on the Designers Insights website. RGD Member, Mario Godbout RGD gives us the scoop.


How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer 2 is a guide and a personal development tool and was written for the graduating designer, the junior designer and the developing designer, who are faced with the challenges of being today’s generation of graphic designers. I felt as an art director, who has trained so many young designers, that it was absolutely necessary to write this insider book. It has real relevance at this moment in time, since so many young designers are wrongly influenced or feel lost faced with a growing industry offering fast-food design or pre-designed templates. Our book teaches them what the marketplace desperately needs from a designer is the ability to communicate effectively and generate profits for their clients, by raising their value with creative, conceptual graphic design.


Our book is a step-by-step guide that teaches them that if they start applying our high standards and our proven on-the-job professional knowledge, that they can not only look forward to creating more demand for their services, but this will also inevitably raise design’s overall value and greatly benefit the whole graphic design community. We teach them that their daily actions have a great impact not only on their results, but on the entire industry, either positive or negative. We teach them that if we are to strive in the future and stop the slow but steady decline of the graphic design industry, we must all work together, as a community, to raise and maintain high industry standards.


This industry-centric book and the Designers Insights website are designed to work together, hand-in-hand, to provide the next generation of young designers with proven in-depth industry knowledge and valuable professional resources they need and use everyday. Our book is meant to be read and reread, studied, underlined, and used as a guide and a personal development tool. The sixteen chapters offer new designers solutions, insights and bold advice they can start to use right away to improve their careers and design competency. We believe so strongly in the content that Designers Insights provided in this book that it should become a mandatory manual for all graphic design schools and colleges and their graduating design students.



How to Succeed as a Graphic Designer 2 teaches young designers how to:

• Get better paying jobs or better clients.
• Get recognition from their employer, clients and peers.
• Benefit from what they will never learn in design school.
• Establish a winning designer/client relationship.
• Look for and find that perfect 'niche' job.
• Discover how easy it is to create opportunities for success, where they think there are none.
• Become irreplaceable in the eyes of clients and employers by using effective methods they can apply immediately.
• Unlock their true creative potential, step-by-step.
• Avoid the traps of doing bad work for bad clients.
• Use a unique method to create a real, measurable, dollar value for their clients.
• Understand what branding is, what you can brand, and how to create a great brand experience, in an easy-to-understand language.
• Apply advanced Design Integration and Visual Identity Systems to turn every project into a successful multi-media campaign.
• Know where their greatest value and greatest weaknesses come from.
• Develop a winning attitude and attract the right connections.
• Last, but most important, build their career success plan, step-by-step.