AI and its future impact on the profession of Graphic Design

With each technological development has come massive disruption and reaction. The big question that everyone is asking now is whether AI will serve to augment our skills as designers or automate them?


Algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence are ready to take over and replace the jobs of many graphic designers. At a recent TEDx event, futurist Thomas Frey predicted that 2 billion jobs will disappear by 2030 – 50% of all jobs. However, in its article Will your job be done by a machine?, National Public Radio predicts only 8% of jobs for graphic designers will become automated within the next 20 years. So, which one will it be?


The panelists will discuss:

- Can AI make designers more creative?

- Is AI about replacing designers or is it a tool to give them more choices?

- Which parts of our day-to-day job could be automated, and which parts need the experience of insight and the creative of a human designer?

- Will designers be willing to step back from the challenges and rewards of hands on labour and let the software generate ideas and images?


Moderated by

John Furneaux RGD

John is the Principal of Projektor in Toronto. For 25 years John has worked closely with organizations of all sizes – from entrepreneurial start-ups to global leaders. His experience spans a broad range of brand image and identity programs, as well as the communications and marketing initiatives that bring brands to life. Prior to founding Projektor, John held executive creative leadership positions at a number of Canada’s premier design consultancies including Identica, karacters design group, Ove Design and Publicis Brand|Design.



Josh Lovejoy, Google

Josh is a Staff User Experience Designer in the Experimental Design Group at Google, where he works at the intersection of product design, ethics, and artificial intelligence. He believes that human-centered design thinking can change the world for the better; that by seeking to address the unmet needs of people—instead of just technological opportunity—we can build tools that nourish, restore, and augment human capability. Josh leads UX for People + AI Research (PAIR), a Google initiative to conduct fundamental research, invent new technology, and create frameworks for design in order to drive a humanistic approach to artificial intelligence. Prior to that, he led AI UX for the Google Clips camera and co-founded a cross-company program dedicated to advancing machine learning fairness. Before Google, Josh worked at Amazon and led a startup in the video game industry.


Val Head, Adobe

Val is a web animation expert, author, and Design Advocate at Adobe. She is the author of Designing Interface Animation, published by Rosenfeld Media, teaches CSS Animation on, and curates the weekly UI Animation Newsletter.


Tara O’Doherty, RED Academy

For over 16 years, in large agencies and start-ups alike, Tara has been building exceptional customer experiences and product success for leaders like AT&T, IDEO, frog design, Google, and SickKids. Tara's mission is to deliver outstanding digital products, digital transformations, and digital commerce conversion that not only provide the ‘wow’ effect for the consumer but also surpasses brand, engagement, productivity, loyalty, and revenue goals. She is consistently ranked as one of the top10 Planners in the nation, though she considers herself a strategic UX/UI Designer, in Strategy Magazine's Creative Report Card. She is most proud of her sleepless nights and multiple design iterations on "SickKids VS" that lead to a 500% increase in donations, as well as some new 2017/2018 trinkets from The One Show, Cannes, Clios, and CMAs.