RGDs share photos of their 2017 Membership stickers on social media
Certified RGD Members have been showing off their new 2017 Membership stickers, designed by Michael Zavacky RGD, on social media for a chance to win free registration to DesignThinkers.


Congratulations to Nicola Hamilton RGD for being selected as the winner - we will see you at DesignThinkers 2017!


We invite RGDs to keep posting photos of your new Sticker and updated Certificate or Membership card on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #RGDcertified. Feel free to also share a favourite memory or benefit of being an RGD Member!


Elyse Maxwell RGD, Patch Design

2017 RGD stickers arrived in the mail! Proud to be #RGDcertified since 2011


Fusion Design Group

80% of the Fusion team is RGD Certified!


Christie Yuen RGD

Received my 2017 @rgdhub membership sticker in the mail 😊 Starting my collection of these which represent the supportive community of designers I've recently become a part of #RGDCertified


Eduardo Trejos RGD, Ove Brand + Design

Another year of being a proud member of this amazing & vibrant community #RGDcertified


Laura Piche RGD, J.S. Redpath Limited

#RGDcertified for 2/3rds of my career. I LOVE MY JOB. The RGD community is supportive, engaged, active, inventive, and downright fun! 


Yang Li RGD, Alphabet Creative

Feeling good to receive my 2017 certification sicker #RGDcertified


Christopher Moorehead RGD, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

My 2017 @RGD certification stickers have arrived! Being a member has definitely helped my career. #RGDcertified 


Alexey Makhinko RGD, Toys "R" Us Canada

Another year with RGD. What's the RGD is all about? Check it out https://www.rgd.ca #RGDcertified


Melissa Deschenes RGD and Jenn Taback RGD at Design de Plume

We received our RGD Certification stickers in the mail today! The new design is a great addition to our growing collection. #RGDcertified


Vanessa Eckstein at Blok Design

@RGD 2017 certificate stickers arrived. So proud to be a member - they have enriched Canada's design community in so many ways #RGDcertified


Tim Lum RGD, Pixel Flex

The new RGD certification stickers arrived! It's been 5 years since I've become a Registered Graphic Designer, read the beneficial reasons why I'm still a member: http://bit.ly/2lNFIfV #RGDcertified