RGD announces Judges for 2018 Student Awards

This year, RGD will present $18,000 in cash awards in all areas of communication design to student work selected by our panel of industry experts.

We are excited to introduce the outstanding group of judges who will be selecting the winners of this year's RGD Student Awards. More to be announced shortly!

.design Award for Self-Promotional/Personal Website

Ross Chandler RGD, Affiliate Member, Founder/Creative Director at Becoming Creative Projects, Victoria

Summer Fang, Partnership Manager at Top Level Design, Portland

Grant Ivens RGD, Brand Surgeon at Say What! Communications, Markham

Ashley McCarthy RGD, Senior Graphic Designer at Semtech, Hamilton


BOLD Award for Accessible Design

David McArthur, Digital UI Design Lead at WestJet, Calgary

Michelle Hopgood RGD, Graphic Designer & Knowledge Manager at Martin Prosperity Institute, Toronto

Michael Ortelli RGD, Founder of BOLD, Toronto


Entro Award for Placemaking Design

Stefan Canuel RGD, Senior Designer at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Edmund Li RGD, Associate/Design Director at Entro, Toronto

Stacy Wakeford RGD, Director, Nature Inspiration Centre at Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa


50 Carleton Award for Logo Design

Mary Binsted RGD, Owner of Mary Binsted Designs, Whitehorse

Amanda Bolte RGD, Creative Director at Cineplex Digital Media, London

Mark Buchner RGD, Partner & Creative Director at TBD Studio, Toronto

Tony Jurgilas RGD, Principal + Design Strategist at 50 Carleton, Sudbury


Fjord Award for Digital Product Design

Patryk Adamczyk RGD, UX Lead & Product Owner at PagerDuty, Toronto

Helen Park, Product Design Lead at Hootsuite, Vancouver

Scott Weisbrod, Group Service Design Director & Studio Head at Fjord, Toronto


Forge Media + Design Award for Typography

Jordan Bamforth RGD, Creative Director at Beau's Brewery, Van Kleek

Raj Grainger RGD, Designer at the University of Toronto, Toronto

Meg Lynch RGD, Senior Designer at Forge Media + Design, Toronto

Cole Alexander Nicks RGD, Graphic Designer at BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Vancouver


Goods & Services Award for Editorial Design

Carey George RGD, Partner & Creative Director at Goods & Services, Toronto

Gigi Lau RGD, Art Director at Harlequin, Toronto

Jessica Sullivan, Creative Director at Figure 1 Publishing, Vancouver

Fadi Yacoub, Affiliate Member, Executive Creative Director, Digital at the Toronto Star, Toronto


Gravity Inc Award for Social Good Design 

Rodrigo Barreda RGD, Manager, Graphic Design, at United Way of Greater Toronto

Wendy Gray RGD, Owner & Creative Director at Gravity Inc, Toronto

Jay Wall RGD, Principal & Creative Director at RallyRally, Toronto

Greenmelon Award for Packaging Design (Single)

Irina Khvalova RGD, Principal at Colourphill, Toronto

Robert Smith RGD, Owner + Creative Director, Greenmelon, Ottawa

Pat Young, Creative Director at lululemon, Vancouver

Intent Award for Print Design

James Bailey RGD, VP/Creative Officer at Raining Communications, Toronto

Ben Hagon RGD, Creative Director + President at Intent, Toronto

Katie Wilhelm RGD, Marketing & Design Specialist, London Economic Development Corporation, London


john st. Award for Strategic Design

Mooren Bofill RGD, Design Director at john st., Toronto

Timothy Jones RGD, President & Creative Director at Banfield Agency, Ottawa

Marga Lopez CGD, Director of Design at Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver

Iliana Sergeev RGD, Owner & Creative Director at IS Design Labs ,  Toronto


Pivot Award for Information Design

Ian Chalmers RGD, Design Director & Principal at Pivot Design Group, Toronto

Monique Gamache, Design Director & Partner at WAX, Calgary

Rami Schandall RGD, Principal at Visual Creative, Toronto

Kyle Schruder RGD, Associate, Visual Communication, at Bridgeable, Toronto


Polyester Studio Award for Motion Design

Daniel Cordero, Senior Animator at Polyester Studio, Toronto

Celina Fischer RGD, Creative Director at CBC News, Toronto


q30 design Award for Brand Design

Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Creative Director at Baillat, Montreal

Darrell Corriveau, Creative Director, Interactive at q30 design, Toronto

Nick Richards, Executive Creative Director at Will, Vancouver

Jessica Vitale RGD, National Graphic Design Manager at DIALOG, Toronto


Quarry Award for UX Design

Sasha Goldstein RGD, Senior UX/UI Designer at SAXX Underwear, Vancouver

Michael Palmer, Executive Creative Director at Quarry, St. Jacobs

Richmond Sedcole, Director of UX Design at Manulife, Toronto


Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging Design (Series)

Matthew Clark RGD, Founder & Creative Director at Subplot Design, Vancouver

Cris Jaw RGD, Creative Director at LCBO, Toronto

Gary Oakley, Creative Director at Shikatani Lacroix, Toronto


Studio123 Award for Visual Web Design

Andrew Boardman CGD, Principal/Designer at Manoverboard, Winnipeg

Evelyn Csiszar RGD, Lead UX/UI Designer/Owner, Collective Experience, Toronto

Nico Taus RGD, Creative Director, Studio123, Sudbury

Zulu Alpha Kilo Award for Advertising Design

Natalie Armata RGD Co-Founder & Creative Director at Giants & Gentlemen, Toronto

Ryan Booth RGD, Design Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto

Jason Dauphinee RGD, Creative Director at Eclipse Creative, Victoria

Pamela Rounis, Associate Creative Director at Rethink, Vancouver