Nationally-recognized charity supports ethical best practices in design
After being contacted by RGD, a nationally-recognized environmentally-focused charity made changes to a Request for Proposals which previously included a request for spec work.


RGD was informed by an RGD Member that the organization had issued an RFP that required submission of the "proposed look and feel, design and format of the online and print reports" which would then be used, in part, to evaluate submitted proposals."


RGD's Ethics Committee took immediate action providing the Director of Editorial Services with details on RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct and best practices in our industry related to spec work. We requested that the RFP be changed to focus on a review of samples of past work and the other relevant components already being requested and evaluated from submitted proposals.


The organization responded promptly and professionally, acknowledging and addressing RGD concerns. Less than 24 hours later, an addendum was posted to the bidding sites, which read:

"Please note that we are not requesting the production of new creative work as part of respondents' proposals. Examples of previous work or other creative inspiration will suffice for the purpose of the proposal. Mockups will not be required as part of the proposal submission and review process"


RGD applauds this organization for their swift action.


If you come across a request for spec work, please help us spread the word by writing to the offending organization and sending along RGD's Spec Policy document and let RGD’s Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, know about the situation via email at And get in touch at any time if you'd like to help by joining the Committee, sharing your own no spec letters or articles and offering ideas on how RGD and our industry can combat this exploitative practice.