Wayward Arts Canada 150 series - Issue #1
To celebrate 5 years of Wayward Arts and 150 years of Canada, Wayward Arts launched a series of issues, each led by a different creative agency with the goal of showcasing the best of Canadian design.


The first issue, Cool/Chaud was created by Toronto-based agency Goods & Services. In this issue, Goods & Services surveyed the last 15 decades of Canadian culture(s) and scoured through archives to show how much our country has changed since its infancy, from a quiet colony to the ever-more confident producer of music, film, sport and cuisine it is today—and how we as a nation continue to be defined by our many dualities and contradictions.



In both English and French, Cool/Chaud explores the many ways that Canada embodies the duality of "cool" (or "cold") and "hot": "from our cities and towns to our music and movies. It's born from a different pair of solitudes: the extreme ends of our climate, from the howling blizzards that we collectively embrace as an emblem of our national ruggedness to the sweltering summers that we wholeheartedly cherish because of their fleeting nature."


In addition to the scattered photographs and facts of Canadian historical events across its pages, included in this issue are witty comments about Canadian culture and a chronological breakdown of Canadian artists and writers that have made it into the Billboard charts.


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