Reissuing the “Vignelli: From A to Z” Book - Kickstarter Campaign
2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of the original publication of Vignelli: From A to Z, a book based on a series of Massimo Vignelli's lectures, over the course of 10 years, at the School of Design and Architecture at Harvard University. This important work has been out of print and largely unavailable for years. We realize the importance of making the book available, once again, to the design community and beyond.


This campaign supports a limited reprint of the original, 196 page Vignelli: From A to Z. This community based initiative will also support the printing of 100 limited edition slip-case versions of the volume. RIT Press developed this community initiative to make the book available to Vignelli followers and designers around the world. 


Iconic Design

This book encompasses  their most iconic work from the 20th century including the NYC Subway maps, the Bloomingdale's department store logo, and famous furniture, book and clothing design.

The Journey

Vignelli's book takes readers on a design journey recognized by the 21 letters of the Italian alphabet.  Readers can jump from fashion to typography to architecture. Vignelli: From A to Z is designed to be read as independent lessons that reach far beyond design.



We want everyone who cares about this classic work by the beloved designers to have the opportunity to own it. RIT Press secured the rights to this work for the design community and we seek the community's enthusiastic support to work together to bring the book back to print. Our goal does not include all of the costs, pre-press and campaign work, or shipping involved in a project of this level, but RIT Press is underwriting a portion of support as its tribute to Massimo and Lella.


Pledge goal: $20,000

Deadline to pledge: Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 8:37 AM (EST)


The Rewards:

  • For $5: design: Vignelli Pin
  • For $25: Design is One! Tshirt
  • For $50: One copy of the Standard Edition Vignelli: From A to Z
  • For $85: Two copies of he Standard Edition Vignelli: From A to Z
  • For $100: Slipcase Edition of Vignelli: From A to Z
  • For $125: Limited edition broadside print and book
  • For $130: Two Book Set: One Standard and One Special Edition of the A to Z book
  • For $150: Set of Vignelli books from RIT Press
  • For $300: design:Vignelli Original Copy and Vignelli: A to Z book
  • For $500: Original copy of Vignelli Transit Maps signed by Massimo Vignelli


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