Wayward Arts Canada 150 series - Issue #2: Arrivals

Wayward Arts launched a series of issues, each led by a different creative agency with the goal of showcasing a history of Canada and Canadian creativity. The second installment was designed by Vancouver-based agency, Saint Bernadine.


Each of the 6 agencies were tasked with creating a theme around a letter from the word “CANADA,” and Saint Bernadine was tasked with the letter "A." In this issue, we look at Canada’s past, present, and future through the theme of Arrivals. The theme symbolizes how we are all united in the sense that our families all, at some point, arrived to Canada. Some came seeking fortune, some searching for freedom, and some following family. But all of our families came to this land because it offered something better.


"Our book is far from exhaustive in acknowledging all the places Canadians have come from, nor is it complete in fully explaining the complicated history and series of events which led to meaningful clusters of migration to Canada," explains David Walker, Partner at Saint Bernadine. "Our book’s intent is simply to capture some of the significant waves of immigration to Canada.  We’re very proud of the result - and the feedback we’ve received so far has been really special."



The issue is divided up by select continents and countries whose people make up Canada today in its multicultural state. Each section features facts about when and why these groups left their homelands, arrived in Canada, and the means by which they did so.



David Walker notes that the project "was a wonderful experience. Representatives from all 6 firms got together in the same room to talk about the project - and together we agreed on several things that would provide structure to the series so it would hang together, while still giving each firm the opportunity to make their own issue reflective of their vision. The over-arching theme of “CANADA,” the physical size of the book, the length, etc we’re all determined together through this conversation."


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