New Projects by Kitchener-Waterloo area firms Studio Locale, eSolutionsGroup & Grimba & Co.
Check out recent projects from RGD Members in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. 


Phil Mondor RGD and the team at Studio Locale designed the 2016 Year End Report for 'Sustainable Waterloo Region'. 

Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) fosters collaboration that enables local organizations to put into action their sustainability interest and intent. Their year end report is a critical component in both recognizing existing and attracting potential members. After a pivotal year, the challenge was to share all of the initiatives, updates and results from a refreshed visual perspective without any increase to their environmental impact. Using imagery, creating infographics and building in natural pauses within the content, Studio Locale has created for SWR an engaging, reflective report that showcases the amazing work being done within the Region to build an environmentally and economically resilient community for current and future generations. See the report here.


Marc Trudel RGD and the team at eSolutionsGroup built from its experience creating the City of Cambridge’s brand to combine the best of graphic design and user experience to develop the city’s new website with digital services to engage and serve the community.

Situated on the Toronto-Waterloo technology corridor, the City of Cambridge is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country. It offers a diverse economic base including leading industries in advanced manufacturing, automotive, technology, pharmaceutical, business and financial services, hospitality and retail. The website’s new homepage features contemporary, accessible and responsive design with large screen-filling sections and audience-prioritized navigation including city hall, recreation and events, city services, and social media. With a wide range of services for diverse audiences, a significant design challenge was to create an interactive map to help residents, visitors, local and interested businesses, all locate information in one place. It features easy access to Cambridge’s city services ranging from transportation to sewer and water systems; from paying parking tickets to new permit applications.


Evan Grimba RGD Grimba & Co., created a new identity for Garnet Circle, a new company looking to establish themselves within the highly competitive yoga market.

This project involved hours of competitor analysis as well as yoga and meditation history research. Experimenting with different configurations and patterns, a mark was built out of the symbols for the constitutional elements, fire, water, air, earth and ether, and formed into a stylized cut stone, creating a garnet. The supporting brand was fleshed out with careful consideration given to typeface, colour and pattern to create a visual language that would stand out. Energetic colours that both complement and contrast each other, similar to the elements, are the foundation of the identity. Gradients were used to emulate the visuals one might experience while meditating or laying in savasana (a foundational yoga pose where one lies on their back with their eyes closed), and patterns were employed to reinforce the elements and create movement.