DesignThinkers Toronto 2017 Presentations now available for RGD Members

RGD Members can access presentation recordings from DesignThinkers Toronto 2017.


Members who were unable to attend or want to re-live favourite moments, enjoy members-only access to full presentation recordings in the Video Archive page in the Members Only section.*


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The Video Archive includes presentations including Michael Johnson's Now Do Something Weirder, Reena Merchant's Non-Design Design, Susan Weinschenk's Mindfulness and Micro-Moments, Astrid Stavro's Knowing and Unknowing, Chris Do's Rethinking the Role of Graphic Design in the 21st Century & much more!


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DesignThinkers 2018 Vancouver
The next DesignThinkers Conference will take place in Vancouver on May 29 - 30 at the Vancouver Playhouse.

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