Trust in News by Design

Presented by Munro Cullen


Munro tells the story of how the look and branding of CBC News was redesigned and affected change in the mindset of the organization.

CBC News needed a new look. It was swimming in a sea of sameness. to make matters worse, the folks in news had a history of being distrustful to marketing or any thing that felt promotional. They were not into talking or sharing with us. These were some of the challenges we faced when we had to do a new campaign for The National with Peter Mansbridge. We knew they had to change visually and tonally and we had a great strategy and a great creative idea. 
To get it through, we changed the approach to pitching. We included the client and asked them what they thought. And then we pitched Mansbridge and asked him what he thought. And then we listened. This approach might see obvious but it was radical for the institution. The campaign was a success however it was the internal results that made the biggest impact. This allowed us to look at the design of other aspects of the division. The result was the award-winning Investigates campaign, which helped create a brand for CBC News and the focus of the brand work and design resulted in the creation of new shows under the investigates banner. 

About Munro Cullen 

Munro has made a career out of working for in-house agencies. He is Senior Creative Director for the CBC, responsible for advertising and branding for all platforms for its English Services. A writer by trade, Munro began his career working in long format specialty shows and moved into media promotion where he has been active for 15 years and has received multiple international awards.


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