Bob Hambly RGD launches blog exploring insights, connections and cultural meanings of colour

Introducing COLOUR STUDIESby Bob Hambly RGD


Partner at Hambly & Woolley and Flywheel Strategic Bob Hambly RGD recently launched COLOUR STUDIES, a blog that explores fascinations, observations and insights around the subject.


Back when I was in art school a mandatory purchase for colour theory class was a small, unassuming cardboard box called ColourAid. I remember it well for two reasons: One, it was crazy expensive, and two, it was a glorious collection of 4” x 8”, silk-screened, chalky-finished, solid-coloured sheets of paper. We used it for many projects, including colour studies that mimicked the research of the master himself – Joseph Albers. Over time I enhanced my ColourAid set with extra sheets that I either bought or traded for. That was the official beginning of my love affair with colour. I’ve been transfixed ever since.


There’s so much to know about colour –the origin of pigments, artists explorations, emotional connections, cultural meanings – the list goes on. Colour is overflowing with good stories, stories that may just get you re-excited about the impact it has on our work and in our lives. If nothing else, it will keep you entertained.

I’ve broken the blog down into the following categories:

In the fall I will present an RGD webinar on COLOUR STUDIES – its creation, how the stories come about and what it has been like to maintain. You can register for the webinar here.


I hope you’ll visit COLOUR STUDIES. I’d love to hear what you think. You can follow me on Twitter @colourstudiesbh for the latest blog posts.

Here’s what people are saying about COLOUR STUDIES:


“Like breathing, colour is one of those things that affects us very deeply but to which we give little conscious attention. COLOUR STUDIES brings the language of colour to the forefront and explores it with the benefit of Bob’s refined eye and sharp wit.” Mary Jane Braide, Brand Consultant


“ …absolutely enthralling.” James Chatto, senior editor Food & Drink

"Bob takes us along for a ride by explaining colour in an approachable, entertaining and downright fun way.” Cobi Ladner, Cobistyle