Join a Virtual Study Group to prepare for RGD Certification
RGD Study Group

Complete an Application to join others preparing for RGD Certification. Earn free dues for the 2018 year if you successfully complete the Certification process by December 15, 2017!


RGD's Provisional Committee has initiated a Study Group to help candidates prepare for RGD Certification, which includes a 75-minute online test and a 30-minute virtual portfolio presentation required to pass in order to achieve the RGD designation. Meetings will take place weekly or bi-weekly, schedule TBD by the approved members of the group based on availability. Participation can take place virtually from anywhere through GoToMeeting.


The Study Group will share resources, review notes and provide support to each other through discussion, practice quizzes and peer-to-peer practice portfolio presentations. If you are planning to get your RGD designation RGD this year, email  to find out more!


The deadline to submit an RGD Application to be considered for the Group: is August 28.

Tentative Timeline:

*Dates are flexible - subject to discussion among group members:

Week 0: Study Group Information Session, August 9

Deadline to Apply: August 28

Week 1: Orientation meeting, September 12 (To determine the group's schedule and divide up study note preparation and other group member tasks)

Week 2: Notes Review #1 (Accessibility)

Week 3: Notes Review #2 (Design Principles)

Week 4: Notes Review #3 (Design Research) 

Week 5: Rules of Professional Conduct Discussion / Handbook Quiz

Week 6: Portfolio Presentation Tips by an RGD Reviewer


For more information about the RGD Application Process and RGD Online Test, visit