RGD seeks Student Representatives from across Canada for our 2017/2018 Student Committee
We are a group of friendly, highly-motivated design students from across Canada. 


We work to develop programs that benefit students, raise student awareness about all the great things RGD offers, and provide a network to unite design students.

The Committee meets about once a month virtually. We discuss student issues, plan initiatives, and think about how students can contribute to the growth and well-being of RGD.


For the coming year, the Committee’s main initiative will be a new RGD Student podcast series that will focus on various specializations of graphic design such as branding, packaging, UX and motion.


Now for some quick administrative notes:

  • RGD will select up to 2 students from each year of a school program to participate on the Committee and attend monthly meetings. All interested students are encouraged to meet with attending members to find out how they can assist in our activities.
  • Committee Members are required to attend the monthly meetings. Someone who is absent more than twice in a row without having made prior arrangements will be asked to step down from the Committee.
  • Committee Members are also invited to volunteer at RGD events if possible, to assist with on-going Committee activities initiated at the monthly meetings and promote Student programs at their schools.

If you are interested in joining us for an exciting year on the Student Committee, please visit the following link to submit your application by October 16: rgdhub.wufoo.eu/forms/rgd-student-rep-committee-2017-application/