Canada Post selects design from Entro for new stamp celebrating Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha

A design from Entro was recently launched as part of Canada Post's 'Cultural Celebrations' stamp initiative to commemorate Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, two significant festivals celebrated by Muslims in Canada and around the world. 


Entro's stamp design was selected by the Canada Post Stamp Advisory Committee and was unveiled simultaneously at events in Montreal and Toronto. Entro's design team had the opportunity to meet prominent members of the Muslim community and sign Official First Day Covers for collectors.


"We have a long-standing relationship with stamp services at Canada Post and we believe that it is important to inspire people to learn about the Muslim culture and their celebration of Eid," says Doreen Colonello, Design Director at Entro. "Canada Post’s goal for the new series was to celebrate the country's inclusiveness and embrace the cultures that are part of our Canadian fabric, especially as we mark our 150th anniversary of Confederation. The design achieved this through the use of colour, typography, message and calligraphy, and was inspired by architectural elements found in the Muslim culture."


The design focuses on the arch as a reflection of unity, beauty and light in the Islamic faith, which takes physical form in mosque architecture, while also symbolizing the division between sacred and worldly space. The message 'Have a Blessed Eid' written in Arabic script is featured in the centre of the arch. The forms and colours create the impression of looking through a window into the night sky, with the moon shining its light to signal the beginning of celebrations.


The colour palette also stems from Islamic architecture – the deep blues and warm golds create a bold contrast and turquoise is used to reflect the mosaic tiles that often cover the walls of Muslim mosques. The intricate and geometric pattern too, was sourced from Islamic architecture, and uses gold to calmly flow the pattern through the stamp to the booklet, creating a unifying visual language.



To be selected by Canada Post's Stamp Advisory Committee, stamps must work well in miniature format, appeal to both the general public and collectors, and deliver instant glimpses of Canadian culture across the nation and around the world. According to Canada Post, “stamp designers are selected for their demonstrated skill in both graphic arts and miniaturization, and for their potential to create new and innovative stamps. Designers’ imaginations are restricted only by the size of the final artwork.” Entro and Gottschalk+Ash Toronto have created many stamp issues and collectibles since the 1970s, marking events such as a celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the new Millennium and the 100th anniversary of the Royal Ontario Museum.


The 'Cultural Celebrations' stamp initiative will also include an issue that celebrates Hanukkah, the Jewish faith’s eight-day celebration, as well as a joint stamp issue with India Post for Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. Entro's stamp designs for Diwali was recently unveiled, and the stamp for Hanukkah will be released later in 2017.