Shikatani Lacroix's ARTO LIFEWTR makes a splash at Toronto's Dundas Square

Billboards at Toronto's Dundas Square are ending the summer with a pop of colour, featuring packaging design for ARTO LIFEWTR from Shikatani Lacroix.


As a long-standing agency partner with PepsiCo, Shikatani Lacroix has worked very closely on the organization's strategy and design standards for brands such as Pepsi, Quaker, Smartfood, Tropicana and much more. 


For the ARTO LIFEWTR packaging, Shikatani Lacroix adapted concepts from the PepsiCo Global design team to meet Canadian packaging requirements and production artwork specifications. The goal was to establish brand consistency in the Canadian market and ensure that the integrity of the brand and the artist designs was maintained, especially as the artwork was scaled up to larger displays. SLD coordinated with the client and printers to ensure the designs were successfully executed.


ARTO LIFEWTR is a brand that wants to advance creativity and uses the packaging as a canvas for artists. The packaging is the core of the brand and by leveraging these designs in the billboard advertising, PepsiCo was able to advance the creativity and create an even bigger canvas. The simplistic, bold designs create an impactful statement in the large-scale display located at Yonge and Dundas Square.