System Strategy: The essential framework for driving customer experience and organizational effectiveness

Presented by Lee Dale


We’re facing a challenge in how organizations and product teams are run. We can address these challenges with the effective use of the system strategy framework.


Too often teams are focused on individual products and how a user is interacting with just that product, instead of considering customer needs and organizational capabilities that go well beyond a digital product mix. Customer experience is a multi-departmental effort, but organizations are too siloed to effectively serve customers. Customer problem solving, needs, and goals extend beyond the organization, with other influences and influencers who shape decision-making, impact purchase decisions, engagement, and retention. The experience is broken. And the organization’s ability to improve the service delivery model is limited due to a lack of systems thinking and system strategy.


The system strategy framework answers these challenges. By mapping the customer journey, mapping organizational service models and capabilities, and understanding how the two align, organizations are able to uncover opportunities to improve customer experience and service delivery. Whether to solve short term challenges or establish forward thinking strategies, the system strategy framework is essential for day-to-day product teams and business leaders.

About Lee Dale 

Lee has spent the past 15+ years working with organizations to help them realize the transformative capabilities of digital. From customer experience to service delivery, Lee’s day-to-day at Say Yeah is spent coaching organizations—from public sector to industrial, sports to finance, and many more—on how to leverage digital technology in ways that grow revenue while reducing costs and inefficiencies. This is accomplished by guiding teams towards delivering exceptional, intuitive experiences across all consumer touchpoints and related services through the system strategy framework which identifies and aligns consumer needs and organizational capabilities.


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