19 partnerships made in latest round of RGD's Mentorship Program

RGD's Mentorship Program pairs Provisional RGD Members with Certified RGDs who have the knowledge and experience to help foster professional  career growth within the design industry.



The third round of our new Mentorship Program launched this Fall when Prov. RGDs were invited to apply to participate and select their top two choices from a list of 14 specially-selected mentors.


We received 20 applications from Provisional RGD Members and 19 partnerships have been made so far, with RGD working to identify other appropriate RGD Mentors for the applicant remaining.


A new set of Mentors for Provisional RGDs to choose from will be announced in January.


The Structure of the Program

For a period of 6-9 months, Mentees participate in 6 sessions with their Mentor, approx. 1 hour each. Sessions can be held locally or virtually depending on the locations of the Mentor and Mentee. For every Provisional RGD not selected by one of our Mentors, RGD will work to identify a similar RGD Mentor in the industry.

Once the pairing has been finalized, the Mentee and their Mentor are ready to start the program! RGD provides a list of suggested discussion topics, however, it is completely up to Mentee and Mentor to decide what to cover in each session.

Become a Provisional Member now to participate in the next Session. If you have any questions about the program, email zaria@rgd.ca.


If you've recently graduated from a post-secondary program or have 8 or less years of professional experience, you are eligible to become a Provisional Member. All you have to do is complete the application form, provide proof of graduation, and have your portfolio reviewed. Click here for more information.