Diana Olsen named '2017 DesignThinker of the Year'
DesignThinkers of the Year Award Ceremony: Chard Roberts RGD and Diane Olsen
CEO of Balzac's Coffee Roasters receives prestigious honour as the Association of Registered Graphic Designers name Diana Olsen Canada's 2017 DesignThinker of the Year.


TORONTO (Oct 27, 2017) - The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) is excited to announce that Diana Olsen, CEO of Balzac's Coffee Roasters has been named Canada’s DesignThinker of the Year.


DesignThinker of the Year is awarded to Canadian corporate leaders who have incorporated design and design thinking into their organizations to achieve business objectives and drive innovation.


"A DesignThinker is someone who has combined a worthwhile product, meaningful experience and effective design into a brand that customers recognize and value," explains Wendy Millard, RGD's PR Committee Chair. "This is the essence of what Diana Olsen is doing with Balzac's and why she was selected as RGD's DesignThinker of the Year for 2017."



"Diana Olsen has a strong creative vision for the Balzac's Coffee brand and nearly every decision takes into consideration how it will affect the brand and its image," explains Chad Roberts of Chad Roberts Design Ltd., who re-designed Balzac's brand identity. "She has built her brand by working with a variety of creatives including graphic designers, illustrators, architects and photographers to continuously hone and enrich the experience. The brand’s commitment to the four cornerstones of their business practices—Artisanal, Sustainable, Local and Natural—plays a pivotal role in its design decisions, and dictates the need for more than just a logo on a cup."


Balzac's dedication to the creative aspect of business illustrates the impact that design thinking, innovation and creativity can have when implemented effectively in organizations of any size and sector.


"You can have a great product, but it's not going to stand out - people are not going to gravitate toward a cafe or grab it off the shelf at the grocery story - unless you have great design." - Diana Olsen, CEO of Balzac's Coffee Roasters.



The award was presented at a ceremony on Wednesday, November 8 as part of the 2017 DesignThinkers Conference at the Sony Centre in Toronto, in the presence of 2,000 professionals and students from the creative industry attending the event.



To arrange an interview with Diana or request photos, contact:
Kim Wells, Communications Coordinator, RGD


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