Beau’s Brewing Co. Lug Tread Packaging Refresh
With the ten year anniversary of Lug Tread in 2016, and the addition of a new packaging format in 2017 – the 355mL can – it was the perfect time to refresh the suite of Lug Tread packaging. 



Creative Direction: Jordan Bamforth

Art Direction: Michael Haddad

Graphic Design: Edward Zucca, Denis Routhier

Photography: Marc Doucette


A popular and well-known craft beer in Ontario, Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale is a premium product made with certified organic ingredients and spring water. The custom box was redesigned to put the iconic tractor front and centre, using a die cut to create a dynamic tractor-shaped format that stands alone in the craft beer industry. A custom tractor-pattern lace holds the bottles secure and displays a hang tag with additional product information. The package design for the four-pack of bottles was also carried through to the 355mL can four-pack packaging. The finish on the can is matte and soft to the touch. The decision to place the four cans within a custom box reflects the premium level of the product and helps to further connect the can and bottle packaging consistently.


Judge's Comment:

“As well as being nicely crafted and sophisticated, what makes this design stand out from the rest is its combined use of a minimal colour palette and the natural colour of the materials. Using only black and a small hint of red mixed with the brown craft cardboard, the near absence of colour, along with the brown of the bottle and the cream of the tin can, makes the colour composition for this product its main appeal. Building on that is the technical style of the illustration: its simplicity and execution render it so powerful with respect to the product identity. Adding the icon to a natural colour string, and on the cap, gives a final touch to a product to be proud of.”

Stefan Canuel RGD





In-House Design Awards 2017