Bill Gosling Outsourcing Engagify 2017: People, Culture, Brand 2.0
The objective for this project was to redefine the organization’s brand to convey a compelling culture that would attract customers and clients from across the globe. 



Digital & Social Media Strategist: Daniel Lowder

Social Media Specialist: Mathew Torresano


Recognizing that the diverse people within the company are what sets it apart, the design concept focuses on the employees. A series of cultural mosaics were shared across visual platforms, including social media, and reflected in all supporting content, to create a fluid brand experience. Internal events helped build on this aesthetic and promote diversity. Social media was used to showcase the culture, brand and supporting events. Each region maintained their own Facebook page to help showcase office individuality. Internal surveys showed a 9.8% increase in Employee Engagement, which positively impacted recruitment efforts and the employee referral program. The organization also saw significant increases in social media followers, and improved reach on Facebook campaigns. The new brand successfully informs audiences about the organization while also representing and engaging the people within the company. 


Judge's Comment:

“This is a big undertaking for an in-house team and I can see the thinking and passion that went into the project. Updating and expanding an established brand can be a daunting project and, understanding how the design process unravels in-house, I find this project to be a great achievement. Kudos to all involved.”

Tanja Taylor RGD



In-House Design Awards 2017