CBC Vancouver Ugly Christmas Sweater Campaign
As part of the local station strategy, CBC’s local partner wanted to create a fun and hip retro-inspired “must-have” swag item. The item needed to have a winter West Coast Canadian look and feel for the holidays. 



Creative Direction: Munro Cullen 

Art Direction: Wendy Walker

Account Management: Phoenix Lam-Phipps


To create the ‘Ugly Sweater’ and socks, the design needed to work with the number of stitches per inch, while creating symbols that were impactful yet simple enough to be legible in a knitting format. The items were sold at a CBC pop-up shop for an exclusive run and helped to create and reinforce a unique personality for CBC Vancouver as a station, while offering extra promotion from the people who wore it. The merchandise was also promoted via YouTube and Facebook as a hook to generate more interest in CBC’s 30-year-old Food Banks Fundraiser. The campaign generated over 400,000 impressions through social media and helped raise over $780,000 in total.


Judge's Comment: 

“The designer pays homage to the CBC and its history while incorporating thematic Vancouver elements within the design that are both expected on some level, yet on closer look has the viewer giving additional consideration. The high-contrast colour, simple yet emotive elements and unique ‘pride of wear’ appeal result in a true conversation piece that many people would want to have for the holiday season.”

Lindsay Robertson





In-House Design Awards 2017