Confederation College You Earned This!
The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) provides a centralized database of extracurricular activities that lets students easily search for opportunities beyond the classroom and see the connection between their engagement and the skills they are developing.



Creative, Design, Production: Ian Scott RGD

Copywriter / Editor: Ashleigh Quarrell

Digital Distribution: Cherylynn O’Neill-Major

Quality Control: Jennifer Schoffer


The goal of this design was to give students a sense of empowerment and validation through the use of inspirational photography and the graphic tagline, “You’ve Earned This! Take Credit.” The design has been applied to pull-up displays, large format posters, handouts and web displays. As a result, students have been more engaged in learning about the CCR at events and in general, and student registration has increased since the launch of the material.



In-House Design Awards 2017