Deloitte Cyber Awareness Campaign
Currently in its second phase (first phase launched in November 2016), Deloitte’s Cyber Awareness Campaign is intended to generate awareness and explain the journey organizations can take to get from “hoping for the best” to being “cyber prepared”. 



Creative Direction: Caroline Bruckner RGD

Design: Jean Philippe Cyr


A large integrated marketing campaign incorporates POV, infographics and social media, and the digital campaign includes a custom interactive landing page with a self-assessment tool. The visual is based on the idea of “the light at the end of the tunnel” where the light represents the cyber awareness and the darkness/shadows represent the menace of not being prepared. Neon sign stylized visuals worked to catch the eye and comfort the user with something familiar and fun. The page has had great success, with lots of responses, and has generated a lot of attention from other member firms and Deloitte’s global office, who want to push the campaign at a global level.


Judge's Comment:

“The neon illustration style is eye-catching and fresh, there is consistent use of typography and colour throughout all the pieces that makes it recognizable, and all the design elements are spot-on. What a well thought out, comprehensive and well executed initiative!”

Tanja Taylor RGD