Deloitte Straight Talk Books
Deloitte’s consulting practice wanted to provide their clients with an informative leave-behind piece that would be edgier than a standard branded book. 



Creative Director: Caroline Bruckner RGD

Lead Designer: Jessica DeVaal 



The challenge was to create an interesting conversation starter that would stay within Deloitte’s brand guidelines. Simple ‘Straight Talk’ black and white brochures created in the early 1990s provided a starting point, which evolved into a square book with a series of pop-art images alongside provocative copy. Purchased through Shutterstock, the images are reminiscent of art by Roy Lichtenstein and instantly give the book a fresh and playful quality. The reworked and modernized writing also contributes to the edgy feel. To keep the book on brand, it was created within the Deloitte brand guidelines. Feedback from clients has been very positive. 


In-House Design Awards 2017