Deloitte Talent Campaign Infographic
Deloitte recently revamped their year-end process, transitioning to “Re-inventing Performance Management” (RPM). 



Creative Director: Caroline Bruckner RGD

Lead Designer: Tracy Tahara

Manager, Firm Communications: Janna Stam

Manager, Performance and Coaching: Dawn Gallant


The Talent group requested that the new process be communicated as a journey and advised that it needed to be fun and friendly to help capture the attention of Deloitte people. Approachable and expressive illustrations represented key roles in the program: Team Member, Team Coach, Career Coach and Business Leader. A dog was also added as a demonstration of the flexible work arrangements that Deloitte provides. The infographic was very well received as it presented a new process in an easy to understand format that was engaging at the same time. The infographic was displayed on Deloitte TV screens in offices across Canada.


In-House Design Awards 2017