DIALOG Brand Inspiration Guide
The marketing team at DIALOG recently embarked on redesigning the existing brand guide with the goal of providing inspiration, rather than merely instruction, to help staff become better equipped brand ambassadors. 



Marketing & Communications: Jennifer Leedy 

Creative Direction & Design: Jessica Vitale RGD

Design: Jamie O’Leary, Paul Broughan, Luke Ehrenholz, Noreen Taylor 

Editing: Gillian Thomson


The team had to stretch their creativity and design skills by working with existing key assets that could not be altered in any way, such as the company logo, colour palette, typography, letterhead and business card design. Significant gaps were identified and many additional items were designed to provide a more comprehensive and flexible system for the entire firm. Graphic designers across the country (studios in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto) worked seamlessly from different time zones to produce a truly collaborative and representational brand guide. The response to the new Brand Inspiration Guide was overwhelmingly positive. Immediate increases in both adoption and usage (500% increase in visits to the Brand Guide page on the company intranet) have led to greater consistency in branded collateral across the entire firm. 


Judge's Comment:

“This project shows a clean and balanced use of typography and layout and a clever use of design elements and their relation to different business areas. The branding application is well thought out and easy to understand.”

Jordan Bamforth





In-House Design Awards 2017