Great-West Life Corporate Site Redesign
The Great-West Life corporate website ( had not received a significant update in several years; it appeared dated, was difficult to navigate, focused too much on product and was full of financial jargon, with no focus on the customer. 



Product Owner: Joseph Lee

Creative Director: Julie Barge

Designers: Starla Benson RGD, Nic Chiu, Nancy Nguyen, Sasha Scott, Dave Rino, Brandon Grail

UX Architects: Darren McClure, Levon Cross, Camilo Londono

Content: Stephanie Grella, Nicholas Heffernan

Department: Strategic Customer Marketing, Digital Customer Experience


The main objective for the new site was to provide a customer-friendly, modern and accessible experience that would support the goals of individual customers, their employers and insurance and wealth advisors. Separate landing pages were created to cater to each group’s top tasks and provide a satisfying user experience. To achieve an authentic look and feel, a Canadian photographer was hired to capture real Canadian families in their homes and out in the world performing day to day activities. These photos were used along with flatlay images of everyday objects. The results are impactful and establish a unique visual identity for the site. Since the relaunch, average time on site has improved by 25% and the bounce rate is 23%, down from 61%.


In-House Design Awards 2017