Herschel Supply Company 2016 Season 3 Classics Collection Catalogue
Celebrating bold imagination and dynamic design, the “Next, Next Generation” was Herschel Supply’s overarching theme for the Fall 2016 Classics Collection. 



Graphic Designers: Kira Campbell, Jenny Shipper

Art Director: Sung Lee

Creative Director: Jamie Cormack

Photography: Stephen Wilde

Editor: Frank Daniello


Multi-purpose functionality was key for creating the three-book series, which features a diverse range of Herschel Supply’s product categories, designed for a variety of consumer profiles. Inspired by Tokyo’s urban nightlife, neon signage and colourful fashion, a vibrant orange was selected to capture the forward-thinking seasonal aesthetic. A minimal geometric design approach reflects the simplicity and elegance found in classic Japanese print design. Each lookbook served as a catalogue, a workbook for Herschel Supply’s global distribution partners, and as a product education tool for the sales team. Over 5,000 copies were printed and distributed internationally.



In-House Design Awards 2017