LuluLemon The Immersion Invite
The goal was to create an invitation that would be impactful enough that recipients would want to share in their own social channels. 



Creative Direction: Heather Thrash

Art Direction: Pat Young

Design: Janine Merkl

Copywriting: Alex Gravel Soublière

Photography: Miles Clark, Colin Adair, Mitch Duncan



To catch the attention of 50 busy global influencers, invitations were sent for the chance to join elite yoga and meditation teachers for a special all-included 5-day retreat with the theme, “YOU ARE YOUR JOURNEY.” The paper invitation was a journey of self-discovery in itself, with a series of thought-provoking questions printed on nested envelopes. Visually, the minimalist textures and patterns were influenced by the idea of immersing yourself in water. The black exterior wrap and envelope adds mystery and the layered colours inside were chosen to compliment the event locations. The paper is tactile and stippled and the pins in the center close the invite experience with a memorable take away. The result was a shareable and interactive invite experience.


Judge's Comment:

“I thought it was quite clever and a unique way to engage the recipient and create a sense of discovery. It was like opening a gift and then like a Russian doll, there is another level to see. By the end when the whole package was displayed as a kind of abstract flower, it made me wish I was invited to the event.”

– Josh McInerney RGD


In-House Design Awards 2017