OCAD University Project 31 Identity
Project 31 is an auction event offering up stunning paintings, photography, multi-media work, sculptures, illustration and digital media by OCAD University’s talented faculty members and alumni. 


Catalogue Design: Fernando Ciccotosto, Suharu Ogawa

Web Graphics: Fernando Ciccotosto

Web Development: Chris Wiggs

Content & Event Management: Katherine Needham, Isobel Medel and Angeline Tetrault


Participating artists choose an area of need they wish to support through the sale of their work, such as scholarships, bursaries for students in financial need or the purchase of specialized studio equipment. Designed with the master OCAD U brand in mind, the handcrafted font became the key design element of the event and collateral. The animated font for the landing page added visual interest. The process of planning and executing this project required seamless working relationships between print, web, social, event marketing and event staging. The Project 31 fundraising auction on March 29, 2017 was a tremendous success, raising more than $200,000 overall in support of OCAD U students. 


Judge's Comments:

“I love the design for this event. The excellent balance of retro elements and treatment of images lends itself to being very versatile across all mediums. The strict consistency of the style and elements throughout all pieces makes for a strong and attractive look to promote, which is likely what helped make this event such a success.”

Matthew Rocca RGD





In-House Design Awards 2017