University of BC Nano Studio Campaign
To address increasing demand for UBC student housing, micro-apartments are being piloted as a low-cost residence option. 



Project Manager: Leith Blachford

Graphic Designer: Jasper Murphy

Copywriter / Social Media: Alexa Hubley

Video / Photographer: Sam Pat


Each 140 square-foot micro-apartment includes a kitchen, a bathroom and a study/sleeping space and will rent for around $675- $695. 70 micro-apartments with 650 beds total will be built as part of the Gage South Residence, slated for completion in 2019. This new initiative is being called ‘The Nano Studio,’ and the identity design has involved building a full-size demonstration unit with information/survey cards for visitors. The outside of the demo unit was wrapped with key messaging to act as a communication device when the unit was locked. Two videos were produced and professional photography was used to further showcase the demo online. The visual identity, key messaging, voice and graphic design was crafted with an audience of higher education students in mind. The project resulted in positive exposure for UBC that highlights the school’s bold and innovative thinking.


In-House Design Awards 2017