University of Calgary 2016 Community Report
Each year in September the University of Calgary community gathers together to learn about the progress being made toward the organization’s strategic goals and illustrate the path to becoming a top five research university in Canada. 



Art Direction & Design:Jean-Paul Bérubé

Production: Sergio Gaytan-Legorreta

Writing: Kim Lawrence


The Community Report publication provides a balanced and fair representation of key discoveries and points of progress on campus, reflecting the achievements of key stakeholder groups: students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and community. The 2016 edition is the fifth in a series that reports against goals set out in the strategic plan. The design concept focuses on the convergence of three aspects of the University of Calgary community: diversity, inclusion and growth. Graphics represent the diverse student and academic communities. The seamless, interlocking patterns express how the University of Calgary environment naturally encourages collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. Expanding plant and floral forms convey the shared organic momentum towards growth. The vibrant colours and bold design support the university’s youthful and dynamic brand.


In-House Design Awards 2017